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Discover How Jeanie Frazier's Top Five Strengths Will Benefit You

Jeanie Frazier

Senior Bookkeeper

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Achiever - Executing

Greetings! I'm Jeanie, and as an Achiever, I'm no stranger to hard work and unwavering stamina. I find immense satisfaction in being busy and productive. Placing the well-being of others above my own, I am a reliable and dependable professional who is motivated to work diligently. I bring a great deal of intensity to the tasks at hand, ensuring exceptional results.

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Harmony - Relationship Building

Building bridges is my specialty! With my Harmony strength, I seek areas of agreement and consensus. Conflict is something I prefer to avoid, and instead, I bring people together to find the proper solutions, make decisions, and navigate complex situations. Known for my practical thinking, I connect with knowledgeable individuals to create harmony in every endeavor.

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Consistency - Executing

Consistency is my guiding principle! I understand the importance of treating people the same and maintaining stable routines. Clear rules and procedures that everyone can follow are crucial to me. I approach necessary tasks methodically, ensuring there's a well-defined system in place for every project. Checking tasks off the list brings me joy and fuels my motivation to do more.

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Learner - Strategic Thinking

Embracing a passion for learning is at the core of who I am! With my Learner strength, I have an insatiable desire to improve continuously. The process of learning itself excites me, and I find that it builds my confidence. I'm energized by the steady journey from ignorance to competence. Let's embark on a shared journey of growth and success.

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Positivity - Relationship Building

I bring an infectious enthusiasm to everything I do! With my Positivity strength, I radiate optimism and uplift others around me. I have a natural ability to get people excited about our shared goals. Performing meaningful tasks keeps me in tune with the rhythm of life. Taking time to think enhances my optimism, and I'm driven by the positive impact I can make.

At Celebelle, our unwavering commitment is to utilize our greatest talents and strengths to enhance your business. Get in touch with us to explore how we can leverage Jeanie's strengths to empower your success.



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