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Discover How Janin Otwell's Top Five Strengths Will Benefit You

black and white photo of partner Janin Otwell

Janin Otwell

Artist, Partner & Creative Services Director

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Intellection - Strategic Thinking

Hello there! I'm Janin, and my Intellection strength sets my mind in motion. When faced with a problem or developing an idea, I dive deep into intellectual exploration. I am naturally inclined to absorb and analyze information, enabling me to make better decisions. So let's unlock new possibilities and innovative solutions together!

Files in a box
Input - Strategic Thinking

Curiosity is my middle name! As someone with a strong Input strength, I have a constant desire to collect and archive information, ideas, and inspiration. The world is a fascinating place, and I enjoy compiling a wealth of valuable resources. Let's tap into this treasure trove to elevate your business and spark fresh ideas!

illustration of a light bulb
Ideation - Strategic Thinking

Ideas are my passion! With my Ideation strength, I'm constantly fascinated by the power of innovative thinking. I can connect seemingly unrelated concepts and discover unique solutions. Whenever a new idea strikes, it energizes me, and I can't wait to share these thrilling concepts with you. Let's turn your vision into reality!

Illustration of half of a sun shape with two hands coming together over a heart
Empathy - Relationship Building

Empathy is the heart of my approach! Through my Empathy strength, I have the ability to sense and understand other people's feelings by stepping into their shoes. I listen not only to what is said but also to the unvoiced questions. Building strong relationships and fostering a cohesive team is my natural talent. Together, we'll create something greater than the sum of its parts!

illustration of a bishop making moves on a chess board
Strategic - Strategic Thinking

When navigating uncharted territories, my Strategic strength is at your service! I excel in creating alternative paths forward and spotting relevant patterns and issues quickly. While others may see complexity, I find clarity and constantly evaluate the situation. With a strategic mindset, we'll ask the important question, "What if?" Select. Strike with precision.

At Celebelle, we're committed to harnessing our unique strengths to empower your business. Let's connect and discuss how we can leverage my strengths to bring your vision to life.


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